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20ft Shipping Container

20ft Shipping Containers for small loads and shipments. Takes up less deck space for the journey which results in shipping savings. 20ft Shipping Containers are easier to transport than 40ft. Great for storage sheds with limited space. Can be modified to your specificats to use as construction offices, equipment enclosures, guard houses, generator enclosures, water treament 

  • Very secure and safe for shipping goods or storage
  • Wind and water tight from the elements
  • Heavy duty flooring of marine grade plywood 
  • Wide variety of uses 
  • Suitable for many locations where space is a limited


  • Welded steel construction, floors which are made of load bearing marine-plywood over 1" thick.
  • Standard ISO and CSC Plated for use in shipping
  • Two cargo weather-sealed steel doors to one end
  • Free standing, self contained units
  • 2 inch full length locking bars
  • Locking and Lifting points at each corner
  • Lockbox for locking both doors with one lock in secure metal box
  • Forklift fork pockets on bottom for easy truck loading and moving 

    Length 20ft (3.05m) 
    Width 8ft (2.44m) 
    Height 8ft 6ins (2.59m) 

    Length 19ft 2ins (2.80m) 
    Width 7ft 7ins (2.33m) 
    Height 7ft 9ins (2.35m) 

    End Door Aperture Width As Required Height As Required 
    Floor Area: 72sqft (6.69m²) 
    Cubic Capacity: 560 cu ft (15.89m²) 
    Weight: approx. 3000 lbs. (1.52 tonnes)

    *due to small dimensions & weight differences between manufactures, all specifications on this site are estimates.

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