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Refrigerated Reefer Containers

Refrigerated Shipping Containers mostly just referred to as a reefer for short. Most reefers come in 20ft and 40ft units but do come in other sizes like 10 and 45ft. In new reefers we can order you the size you need.  The 40ft reefers we sell are the most common in the used market and are high cubes but we do have standard heights once in a while. Most reefer units are have one of two refrigerated equipment manufacturers cooling units, they are Thermo-King and Carrier. Both work equally as well and parts and labor for repairs are available worldwide. Most all reefers have adjustable temperature controls and can cool and freeze. Some also keep items warm to 85F degrees.   

Gensets are used to power the reefer container when normal shore power is not available. E.g. when trucking over long distances or when chilled or sensitive cargo is being moved. The majority of the gensets are clipped on to the upper front of the reefer container (clip-on genset). Another type of genset can be attached to the standard chassis frame (underslung genset). Some gensets fuel capacity can enable a fully loaded genset to run for almost 5 full days.

Used for chilled and frozen cargo. Suitable for transporting perishable, as vegetables, fruit, meat, etc


  • Welded stainless steel construction, aluminum floors .
  • Two cargo weather-sealed doors on one end
  • Free standing, self contained units
  • Locking and Lifting points at each corner
  • Thermo-King or Carrier equipment
  • Stainless and Aluminum constructions lowers the tare weight to maximize payload and reduce CO2 emissions during transit
  • R134a environmentally friendly refrigerant

    Length 40 ft (3.05m) 
    Width 8.6 ft (2.44m) 
    Height 9.6 ft (2.59m) 

    Length 38.3 ft (11,583 mm) 
    Width 7.7 ft. (2.33mm) 
    Height 8' 10.5 in (2401 mm)

    End Door Aperture Width As Required Height As Required 
    Cubic Capacity: 2384 cu ft (15.89m²) 
    Weight: max. gross weight loaded 74,960 lbs (34,000 kg)
    Tare 10,800 lbs. (4,900 kg)
    max. payload 64,160 lbs. ( 29,100 kg)

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