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Shipping Container Inspections & Surveys

At Florida Container Depot we offer surveys for marine equipment from certified marine surveyors. We do tank containers, bulk containers, standard iso and non-standard shipping containers, container chassis and more. Surveys to make sure containers to comply with International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) standards under approved continuous examination programme (ACEP) and containers under a periodic examination scheme. As IICL (The Institute of International Container Lessors) Approved inspectors we offer fast, accurate and reliable surveys. 

Safety inspections, repair inspections, valuations and life cycle expectancy are just a few of the services we offer lessors and shiplines. Informed owners can make better desicions and get the most out of their fleet. Leasing, Finance and Insurace Companies we can help evaluate your collateral or inventory. 

Customer owned shipping containers we can help. Before shipping most lines require a survey and inspection to satisfy your container meets safety standards before being loaded on the ship. 

Costs for surveying are calculated using a base rate plus travel expenses.

Types of surveys:

  • Container surveys – required if using a shipper owned container that needs to be inspected and certified prior to shipment
  • Antonov loading and discharging – for heavy lift and/or high value cargo
  • Vessel loading – to ensure cargo is loaded without incident
  • Ship/barge conditions – to be certain carrier is seaworthy to handle the cargo
  • Damage assessment – used if cargo has been dropped or packaging has been damaged to detail the status of the shipment
  • Fleet Value Assessment of containers, chassis, lifts, vessels
  • Railcar loading and tie-down – used to ensure compliance with Railroad specifications
  • Heavy lift survey – done at point of origin, port, airport or destination to ensure cranes used are sufficient for the cargo
  • Packing survey – done before cargo is shipped to ensure cargo is seaworthy

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